DIY Halloween Decorations

This year’s crop of Queens is even more of a scream with Kings thrown into the crazy mix. Get ready to have your creative bone tickled, as each one tricks out an artificial Christmas tree with DIY Halloween decorations. All hail to their crafty majesties!

#1 Terrifying Tentacles

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Mark La Ferney cracked his crafty knuckles and turned the Pretty in Pink Tree into a deadly witch potion. What’s the secret ingredient? Giant pink tentacles made out of pool noodles that look like they’re just dying to grab you! Slither on over to The Slumbering Alligator blog to learn how to make these Kraken-like limbs, as well as slime blobs, eerie eyeballs, and more!

#2 A Host of Ghosts

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Jennie Larsen’s classic and rustic take on a Halloween tree is an oh-so-sweet contrast between the bright colors of fall and the pale beauty of the Winter White Christmas Tree. Now that’s what we call a pretty picture! Jennie created two kinds of cute ghosts with googly eyes to hang on her tree along with other DIY Halloween decorations. Read her post on the Craft-O-Maniac blog to find out how to make these!

#3 Frankie’s Brain Bolts

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It’s Halloween all year ‘round for Miranda Eznor! Her experiment on green ornaments and hardware was an electrifying success! She hung them on the No. 2 Pencil Tree along with other DIY decorations to create a fitting tribute to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Shuffle on over to the Spooky Halloween blog to learn how to make them.

#4 Movie Poster Madness

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Making a comeback from last year’s Halloween Queens & Kings lineup are Dennis Setteducati and Andrew Boza. They turned the Tinkerbell Silver Christmas Tree into a remake of an abandoned movie theater. To name a few of their DIY decorations, they made a skull usher with 3D glasses, film reels, and popcorn in paper bags. Their classic movie poster ornaments get a starring role! Lumber on over to the Crafty Lumberjacks blog to learn how to make these and the rest! We promise you this tree will have you clinging to the edge of your seats.

#5 Dreamy Haunted Houses

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John Lavelle incorporated the mystery of your neighborhood’s haunted house into his Halloween tree design. For his DIY décor, he fashioned mini haunted houses made of paper and hung these on a Tuxedo Black Tree. Glide on over to The Art Dream blog to learn how.

#6 Scary Skulls

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Natalie Shaw’s gorgeous decorating theme for the True Blue Tree is straight out of an Edgar Allan Poe tale. An assortment of skulls, copper pumpkins, gold and copper ornaments, a framed greeting, and crow tree topper are just some of the DIY décor that makes her Halloween tree a true ode to the Master of Horror. Swoop down to the Doodlecraft blog to discover how to make these on your own.

#7 Mystic Moons

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For her Halloween DIY decorations, our brand ambassador Jen Perkins waved her crafty wand to conjure up dramatic Mystic Moon ornaments and hung them on the unique Zebra Striped Christmas Tree! Check out her blog post to learn how to craft the moons on your own!


A big shout out to our seven royals for their imaginative and boo-tiful decorations! We hope they inspire you to create your best Halloween decorations yet. Don’t forget to check out our website to browse our collection of colorful artificial Christmas trees!

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